Thursday, December 4, 2008

This quarter was devoted to manifesting two visions: one for the short-term with limited resources, and one for the long term when funding partners become available. Two very different financial scenarios were set into motion. The long-term mission is to impliment a three-phase, 10-million dollar investment strategy resulting in a 100-million dollar impact.

The short-term strategy concentrates on crafting a website capable of allowing the deaf to hear, the blind to see, and the mute to speak. Start-up costs of $548,000 are needed to impliment a truly accessible website that empowers the online world to create a narrative expression of disability in America, one editor at a time.

This website is a evolutionary tool that will free the voices and visual materials contained in the DMI archives. More importantly, it will begin a process of discovery to be shared with anyone who has an interest in connecting themselves to the most diversified community on Earth. It will be a place where the realities, ideas, and hopes of people living with, around, and for a disability reside for the purpose of sharing their truths.